Engepu (China base) develops and manufactures advanced outdoor LED solar lighting systems and charging stations for electric vehicle, commercial,residential and industrial projects by providing cost effective solutions.
New Solution for Current Solar street light Issues

Excellent performance :

Quality assurance:   5 years replacement
Product warranty:  10 years
Lighting time per day : 12~15 Hours
Work on continuous  cloudy and rainy days : 30 Days
Low temperature working:  -40 ℃ to +80 ℃
Lower temperature application:
      -40 to +80 ℃

Guarantee:  Normal work under winter day is not affected by low temperature attenuation

Battery working environment: -40 ℃ to +80 ℃, working temperature range is wide (Note: lithium-battery temperature  0 ℃ to +80 ℃)
Battery materials can work in a lower temperature environment without attenuation of battery capacity and performance.
RemarkWhen lithium batteries operate at temperatures below or above their allowable range, the capacity and performance of the batteries will decline and be irreversible (after a winter, the batteries will not be able to return to their original level)

          Fast charging:    6minute full charged

Guarantee:  Normal work in continuous cloudy and rainy days will not be affected

Large charge rate: 0.01C~6C, wide range of charging current (note: lithium-battery charge rate is about 0.1C~1.5C)
Ensure that the battery can efficiently store electric energy under weak current and strong current conditions, and improve the utilization of solar panel power generation
RemarkIn cloudy and rainy days, the low and weak current emitted by solar panels can be stored in the battery module normally and charged throughout the day; in sunny days, the strong current emitted by solar panels can quickly fill the battery module.